19 May 2016

On sale for $15.99

Adorn 10-tier Hanging Shoe Organizer is part of the Adorn Home Essentials collection of hanging closet organizers.
Who doesn't love shoes? Keep yours organized with this ingenious Hanging Shoe Organizer.
No more shoe racks cluttering up your floors or those heavy and unsightly shoe pockets behind your doors.
This is the perfect shoe-storage solution, and all you need is 6.5 inches of closet space, to keep your shoes easily accessible at arms-reach.
Constructed of a strong and sturdy fabric in a modern gray and white design.
Also perfect for accessories.
For baby/toddler shoes, holds even two pairs per shelf. Reserve the lower compartments for everyday shoes and watch your little ones love to put their own shoes away-- avoiding those "Where are your shoes?! " mornings .

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